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Wider reach and greater sales potential. web development sri lanka If you are targeting customers in many of the fast growing economies, a mobile site is essential. For small retailers, on the other hand, sales via their own online presences stagnate in many cases, while customer expectations continue to rise: E-commerce has to be individualized, fast, and accessible, or customers will switch to the next provider.

As many retailers still do not have mobile sites, you can attract more mobile users to view and shop in your ecommerce store. web design sri lanka The great thing about the open source software we use is that it makes all of the above (and more!) possible.

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Best web design company in sri lanka Whatever ERP or CRM your business uses, we can help integrate it with your ecommerce store in order to handle inventory, fulfilment, licensing and support. By now, they’re part of everyday life. And even in areas that were previously dominated by offline transactions, e-commerce is now advancing into areas such as food sales, healthcare, and banking.

Our team have been developing Ecommerce websites for many years, it’s with this knowledge and access to many Ecommerce CMS solutions, that we can offer you the right solution for your company and budget. e commerce website design sri lanka We have a lot of experience with the hidden costs of operating an ecommerce website and many of our clients have been able to avert disaster by understanding and planning in advance for costs they could face in the future.

Best web design company in sri lanka

Regardless of the payment solution you choose, our expert web developers will be able to integrate the necessary payment gateways, as well as walk you through understanding technical matters like 3D secure, API/CPI solutions and PCI compliance. In order to take payments online, website design sri lanka you will need to integrate your ecommerce website with the payment gateways of your choice.

To ensure your business isn't a victim of fraud, and to provide accurate information for shipping, we can help integrate address validation services into your ecommerce store. Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices can prove frustrating and tiresome for mobile users, can prevent customers from shopping with you and may also damage your brand.

Web development sri lanka When Amazon and eBay were founded in 1995, retail platforms with millions of products delivered immediately after they were ordered were almost inconceivable. We can also help integrate your ecommerce store through an enterprise service bus (ESB), to create a fully integrated ecommerce system.
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