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Best Web Design company in Sri Lanka

Web design sri lanka every ecommerce website we build is fully search engine optimized to ensure your website can be read by all the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing. If you are using WordPress as the base of your e-commerce site utilize its inbuilt blogging system to create a news feed. We use the latest coding standards and practices recommended by Google, including making your website mobile friendly

Over the past 10 Years thousands of new online businesses which sell both physical and digital products have launched selling their goods to one growing global marketplace.e commerce web development company sri lanka You can blog about your new products, product/service developments, upcoming events or sales. Basically blog about anything your buyers should know about.

Sri Lanka E commerce Website Design

The most popular shopping cart icon is a simple trolley or basket so it makes sense to choose something similar for your site.Sri Lanka web Design Anything from rare collectors’ items and custom-made T-shirts, to your own paintings can be sold once you’ve decided to set up an online store as your website.

Every customer who signs up can choose a personal login and password for further access. Besides, owners of such accounts can receive special discount offers from the store owners and participate in different promotions or sales. Keep in mind you can also sell online on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Sri Lanka web DesignLearn about social selling with the Social Buy Button.

Sri Lanka e commerce Website Designer Sri Lanka

If you deal with a large online store that has a wide choice of goods, then the search box is a must-have.Sri Lanka web Design This will also prove popular with customers who demand a specific product that they just need to locate from your online store to make their order. People are inclined to take in public opinion. Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are the best, if not fastest, source to get the information you need on just about everything.

ecommerce websites deal with many customers from all over the world and they each have their own preferred payment system. Moreover, there may be technical limitations to a payment method or option, and that’s why it would be better to clarify payment options in advance. E commerce website design Sri Lanka essentially does all the hard work for you and no programming, coding, or extensive technical know-how is necessary.

You can easily find these payment icons at the footer of most sites. Payment details should be displayed on the home page in plain sight. Moreover, social media accounts bring excellent opportunities for self-promotion: online communities can help to identify the most active and influential customers, or find new ones who are not familiar with the web store yet.

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