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Common CMS applications include: Product Administration (adding text/ images/ PDFs to a product catalogue or ecommerce website), e commerce web design sri lanka ecommerce Order administration for your online shop, maintaining customer mailing lists, adding to and updating your website’s News Page, General editing of the content on your website, Product stock and inventory administration for your ecommerce store This is great news for businesses and retailers as there are a huge number of benefits of an e-commerce web design over selling in store or on the phone.

We pride ourselves on our support and training our staff provide to all our websites and other services including ecommerce and Content Management Systems. It also gives you the ability to deliver item information that would otherwise be difficult to put across in a physical shopping environment.

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we like the fact our customers are in the know. Whether we use WordPress, or woo commerce we have designed and built plugins and modules to improve the usability and power of the CMS. e commerce web designer sri lanka There are service providers, such as PayPal and more, that are making it even easier to purchase goods and services safely and securely online, further increasing customers’ willingness to buy online.

Instantly accept payments online using credit/debit cards and integrate with your own internal systems. All websites come with an online administration area to manage products, orders, and content. This means that it is important you get the best services for your website to ensure that you are staying one step ahead of the competition.

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We ensure your e-commerce website is tailored to your specific requirements, e commerce web design company sri lanka we understand the importance of stock control and order management. It is a great place to be able to show your clients the full extent of what you have to offer without needing an enormous physical shop front to display everything Including simple shop administration, such as importing and exporting products, efficient order processing, sales reporting and analysis. The average web user now has the technology, the knowledge and the trust to make their purchases online.

Ecommerce Sri Lanka has extensive knowledge and experience in developing innovative E-commerce websites for businesses looking to sell their products and services online. e commerce web design company in sri lanka Not only will this save you money on marketing, but it will also help save you time and maximize the new products’ exposure to the target audience.

All of our E-commerce website solutions are implemented with the customer and the business in mind, including the added benefits of accepting payments, processing online transactions in a safe and secure environment, and providing you and your customers with added peace of mind. However, it has only been in the last few years that customers have been really making the most of it with explosive growth across the e-commerce market for every sector.

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