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In these uncertain economic times starting a new business venture may seem daunting. For the average entrepreneur with average IT skills setting up an e-commerce venture can be bewildering. It is good practice to have a dedicated blog page but you should also consider having your latest posts show up on your homepage. web development companies in sri lanka Recurring customers will more likely look through your new news items rather than spend half an hour browsing through your full inventory for something new.

e commerce website designer sri lanka there are however many reasons why taking the plunge into online retail is a good idea. In terms of spending online there has been no recession over the previous decade. A s mentioned above social media is becoming increasingly important to e-commerce. It’s said that almost 20% of online purchases are accomplished after surfing through social media sites.

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Online stores commonly use payment gateways to process credit and debit cards. But can also utilize gift vouchers, cash on delivery, PayPal, etc. as payment systems. An ecommerce website is a fantastic option for professional sellers with an eye on gaining new customers online and extending their reach.Nonetheless, it's so easy to set up a website builder with an online store nowadays that beginners can start selling online without any prior experience. The shopping cart, login tab and search box features are usually placed at the top of the menu on most ecommerce sites.

You can choose a design template, upload product images and descriptions, and start reaching potential customers right away. Many stores also provide their customers with private accounts where it’s possible to check all their previous and current orders. Please be aware that this functionality is covered by the legal framework mentioned above. e commerce website design company sri lanka After setting up your shop with an ecommerce website builder, you have the freedom over how you choose to run things and even save on sales commissions that other major ecommerce platforms will charge.

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For professionals and newbies alike, creating an ecommerce website is always worthwhile for those looking to sell their products and/or services to customers online. web design price list sri lanka For instance, some ecommerce websites don’t accept international credit cards. Others require the customer billing address and the delivery address to be in the same country as the official store’s location.

Each year online sales increase well beyond the growth level of the UK economy and there seems to be no end in site for this trend. According to comScore, nearly 70% of digital media time is spent on mobile devices. Unfortunately, many ecommerce solutions don’t optimize for mobile and are built only with desktop browsing in mind. This can result in a fair number of lost new sales.

Changing the platform at a later date can be a very time consuming and expensive operation if you have thousands of products to move. web design packages sri lanka There are a lot of new terms that you may be unfamiliar with when setting up an ecommerce website.

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