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Admin Panel

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Advanced Admin Panel

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Ease of Use

Simple is best. Help shoppers get what they want faster and easier. Avoid filling the webpages with unrelated additional information. The design aspect of the website is really important in the user experience.

User-Generated Review

Allow customers to rate your products. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. Reviews are how you get to know what customers want and don’t want. Plus, when you get good reviews, it will help you get more conversions.

Advanced Payment Option

Invest in online payment options like paypal to give customers a better online shopping experience. It is a time saver and easy to use which is appealing to consumers. It also get rids of geographical limitations.

Responsive Design

Your website must be adaptable to a mobile screen as many consumers these days browse, purchase and adds items to wishlist just by using their smartphones wherever they go. The design magically adjusts itself to more comfortably fit in all media devices.

Detailed Shipping Information

Be clear with any additional fees. Shoppers abandon their carts when they see the unexpected fees. It will shock and irritate them.

Security Features

Online transaction can be risky especially with the arise of cyber-crimes. Thus, having strong security protections is a necessity to protect your business.

Secure eCommerce Web Development. SSL certificate automatically creates a secure, encrypted connection with their browser.

User Friendly UI

Simple UI layout for easy navigation and access.

Order Management

Manage orders from the admin panel easily.

eCommerce Products Management

Product Management

A powerful management tool to sell any product, any time.

Customer Management Process

Customer Management

Keep a track on who is spending the most and frequently.

Offer Discounts and Coupon to your customers

Coupons & Discounts

Coupons are a great way to offer discounts. It can help promote sales across your shop.

Shipping Made Easy

Make selling physical products easier by offering shipping.

Payment Gateway

Take payments with the provider that's right for you.

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Every Kind Of Business!

We offers best web design solutions for small & medium businesses and corporate as well . Web design sri lanka offers huge range of web design services it means website domains and everything in between.


Our eCommerce and online store business solutions are tailor-made to fit every business's unique identity. They come feature-packed with everything you need to sell products online with a simple yet functional design and the power of WooCommerce. Whether you're selling digital products such as videos or images, or you are selling physical products from shoes to shirts, we have the eCommerce solution you need for your business online.

Web Development

Every Business requires tailored Website and we’ve got one just for you!

Quality Assurance

Our developers and software engineers are dedicated to ensuring that your business gets the best service in the industry!

Application Management

We help manage your applications, whether its in the cloud or even on your own premises!

24/7 Support

From website creation to maintenance, we take every step of the journey with you to ensure that your business can strive!


  • User registeration with my account
  • Product search with diffrent parameters
  • IPG integration to accept payments
  • Mobile responsive
  • User wishlist management
  • Full control CMS with products, order, payement, user management
  • Product attribute management
  • Discount and coupon code
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